December 01, 2021

Artisan Design Group has been featured in the December issue of Construction Global magazine.

In this exclusive interview, CIO Delano Gordon reflects on the business implications of ‘urban flight’ in the United States and how physical and virtual solutions are providing a new competitive edge.

He oversees the strategic direction for the $1+ billion interior finishing company, which has 23 companies within the ADG portfolio and employs more than 3,200 associates.

“We’re seeing significant ‘urban flight’ with younger millennials moving out to the suburbs, and a lot of demand for single household homes,” he said. “Well over two-thirds of our business is single family. I think it’s the beginning of a permanent trend as home ownership in some areas is a challenge.”

“From a project management perspective, COVID has shifted everything. We have a backlog of work that can’t be addressed as quickly as we’d like to.”

Construction Global Editor Dominic Ellis said: “It was great to hear from Delano how Artisan Design Group is rising to the challenges from the pandemic and using technology, working with key partners such as TPx, to respond to changing business dynamics.”

Its Design Central visual design centre portal allows customers to visualise interior finishes at home ahead of in-person appointments. “We’re trying to alleviate some of the pressure so customers can gain a perspective of all the details – the flooring, cabinets and colours – so when they meet our design consultant, it shortens the appointment.”

Another innovation allows homeowners to put on VR Goggles in the centres, and depending how the market responds, ADG will consider extending the service to other locations.

“I expect the trend will continue,” he said. “I liken it to purchasing a car online for the first time – and we’ll see it more with homes and greater adoption following the pandemic, with more people working remotely.”

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