Headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Artisan Design Group operates more than 125 distribution, design, and service facilities coordinating installation through over 3000 independent contractors across 26 states. ADG initially formed in 2016 through the combination of Floors Inc. and Malibu Floors.

Its evolution has been founded by a passionate group of entrepreneurs who collectively share a vision for the future. The ADG philosophy is based on maintaining the individual business identity and its unique place in the market.

With a clear understanding of cultural values and fostered relationships throughout the years, the ADG way is committed to protecting the individual culture of each sister company.

ADG empowers its management teams with financial resources, allowing them to operate on an independent basis. Fostering an entrepreneurial environment that encourages the sharing of ideas, best practices, and relationship development among all companies. The ADG way is to create an environment where all members thrive and maximize their abilities to achieve the greatest success.

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