At ADG, we’re proud to offer two distinct private lines for cabinetry needs, each with its own benefits. Depending on what you’re looking for, we offer one that’s intricate with more options for customization, and one whose strength is in its simplicity. Take a look to see which one best suits your needs.

Abode offers an array of options to personalize living spaces. Customers can choose from a variety of colors, overlay styles, and finishes to create a personalized kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or more. This cabinetry line includes different slab colors and styles, including 5-piece options, providing a canvas for individual tastes. Functional organizational solutions, such as versatile shelving and pull-out options, enhance the utility of their cabinets. Customers can also select from decorative hardware and embellishments to add a touch of customization

To learn more about Abode, download the brochure here.

LaineKraft™ specializes in simplicity when it comes to their cabinetry. Customers can choose from classic, time-honored designs with universal, carefully curated selections. This cabinetry is conveniently organized into three tiers, ensuring easy choices for customers. This simplicity is particularly valued by seasoned builders who recognize the strength in straightforward options. When builders opt for LaineKraft™, they provide their clients with an uncomplicated selection process, flexible style options for room and space design, and a clean, straightforward installation experience.

To learn more about LaineKraft™, download the guide here.

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Discover flooring tailored to your space: timeless hardwood, affordable luxury with water-resistant LVT/LVP, plush carpet for comfort, and sleek ceramic for high-traffic areas. We offer a diverse range to suit every style, with quality and variety to effortlessly transform your space.


Whether it’s the extensive color palette and renewable properties offered by solid surfaces, the natural beauty and strength of real stone, or the ease of maintenance and affordability of laminate, we offer something to fit every lifestyle and budget.

Window Coverings

Privacy, light, and style are all things to consider when selecting window treatments. From blinds to shutters, curtains to shades, we can provide a finishing touch to your décor.

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